All about porphyry

Depending on its use, the raw material from the quarry is sawn in various thicknesses. The surface is smooth and matt.
Additionally, sawing constitutes the preliminary step for various other processing methods such as bush-hammering, flame-processing or polishing

The sawn material is processed by a mechanical hammer. The impact of the hammer creates a slightly raw surface with a slightly lighter colour

The sawn material is heat-treated. The particles of quartz contained in the porphyry break the surface and in this way form an orange skin-like surface. The colour becomes more pronounced with processing.

The raw material is mechanically broken with special machines. At the same time, special tools of hardened steel (Widia) are used.

The natural surface of porphyry is called rustic. This occurs if the porphyry is quarried in layers in its natural deposit. The thickness of the porphyry results from the layer between the break in the rock and the next break.

The surface of the sawn material is processed with large grinding machines until it is smooth.
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