Production facilities

Trento/Trient (TN)
The head office of Holler Porfidi is in Spini di Gardolo, near Trento/Trient (TN). There are large processing plants here with which up to 1,000 cubic metres of crude porphyry can be processed daily. Afterwards subsequent processing makes various end products.
In addition, the company’s first porphyry quarry is in Albiano. Since 1978 it has been quarrying Trentino’s high-quality porphyry. Trentino’s porphyry distinguishes itself by its hardness and durability. The brown-red-purple colour of Trentino’s porphyry is well-known through the world.

Porfidi Flor Laives/Leifers (BZ)
Laives/Leifers in the province of Bolzano/Bozen has another type of porphyry of the highest quality. Here the subsidiary company, Porfidi Flor GmbH, has been quarrying grey-brown coloured Breitenberg porphyry since 2004. This material distinguishes itself by its enormous hardness, resistance and durability.
Blocks of an enormous size of up to 10 square metres are quarried here.

Tech Stone (Argentina)
The third production facility is in Puerto Madrin. Argentinian porphyry from the region of Patagonia with its purple-grey-greenish colour is very impressive. It is processed on the spot into various end products. Building projects in Argentina are carried out by partner companies there.
Part of what is manufactured in Argentina is shipped to Italy and stored in Livorno to be sold on or taken to Trient to be sold on from there.
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