Holler Porfidi with its subsidiary companies covers all business activities from quarrying to every kind of paving installation.

Porfidi Flor
Porfidi Flor is the operating company of the porphyry quarry in Laives/Leifers (BZ). It was started up in 2004. Here the well-known grey-brown coloured, high quality and immensely durable porphyry is quarried.
This quarry produces 38,000 tons of the highest quality Breitenberg porphyry annually. Part of this is processed into granules in Holler Porifidi’s plants in Trento (Spini di Gardolo) or into end products. Some of the raw material is also bought for stone cutting and landscape gardening.

Taking the annual quantity delivered as a basic parameter, the 110-hectare quarry at Puerto Madrin, Patagonia is then the biggest. Techstone quarries about 25,000 cubic metres of Argentina’s brown-red-green porphyry annually.
Techstone processes the raw stone on the spot into any products needed for the domestic market. Competent partners deal with all projects there.
Depending on the needs of the market, part of the processed material can be shipped to Europe and sold on from the store in Livorno. Part of the material delivered is stored in Holler Porfidi’s depot and sold on from there. However, the major part of this quarried and processed material is designated for the Argentine market. More...

Natural Stone consortium
Natural Stone is a consortium of independent paving companies that carry out paving work for Holler Porfidi. This consortium enables Holler Porfidi to serve their customers as their sole point of contact for planning, choice of material and completion of work. Sources of mistakes can be eliminated early and consequently a trouble-free process of the work guaranteed.

Holler & Knab and Der Steinsetzer GmbH
Both of these companies are managed by Silvano Holler, the brother of Gino Holler.
Holler & Knab, with an office in Tanna, Thuringia, Germany and Der Steinsetzer GmbH, with an office in Sinnsheim, have looked after professional paving of all kinds throughout Germany for more than two decades. More...
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