Not all stone is the same

Holler Porfidi is a successful company in the sector of porphyry manufacture. In 1978, Gino Holler wanted to produce porphyry products to meet the most demanding requirements. To this end therefore all his products were produced exclusively from material from his own quarry in Albiano (TN). In the course of time, Holler Porfidi acquired additional quarries in Laives/Leifers (BZ) and in Puerto Madrin (Argentina); so that they could offer their customers an ever wider choice of porphyry products they made themselves.

Phases in the company’s history:



Gino Holler set up Holler Porfidi KG. Over the years, he constantly increased the size of his company. He set up his manufacturing facilities in Zambana (TN) on 5,000 square metres of land and with a workshop of 300 square metres.



Acquisition of land in Spini di Gardolo (TN). It comprises 16,000 square metres of production facilities with 15 splitting machines and a staff of 17.



Purchase of a small stone chipping plant with a production capacity of about 200 cubic metres a day to produce granules. Construction of a new company building in the industrial zone Spini di Gardolo (TN). It comprises four production workshops with an overall area of 8,000 square metres, as well as a spacious office wing.



Expansion of stone chipping plant by adding a washing plant and a waste water treatment plant. Production of granules comprises 500 cubic metres a day now.



As joint owner, Gino Holler and his partners acquire a quarry in Argentina. The new company, Techstone, employs a staff of 70 for the quarry and production of the various porphyry products.



Introduction to the property business. The property company, Avisio, looks for property as well as buying and selling it for private and commercial projects.



Receipt of SOA certificate that allows the company to take part in public sector tenders (municipality and province).



Purchase of a quarry in Laives/Leifers (South Tyrol), establishment of operating company, Porfidi Flor.
Myriam Holler, daughter of company founder, joins this successful business.



Introduction of an ISO quality management system for production and sales.
The granules 30-60 are certified as underlay for laying railway lines.
Setting up of consortium, Natural Stone. Holler Porfidi now offers delivery of material separate from paving work. Holler Porfidi has a pool of qualified, independent paving companies firms to fall back on to implement the projects they plan.



In May, the company is reorganised into Holler Porfidi GmbH

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